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Privacy Policy
Written by Administrator   
Our Privacy Policy is pretty simple.  If we collect personal information, we don't share it, sell it, rent it, lease it, trade it or in any other way, shape manner or form willingly or knowingly share your information.  On the off chance that we're compelled to divulge information to law enforcemnt by warrant, court order or other valid legal instrument, we would of course have to comply and in that case we would disclose such information as required by law.

We may use your email address, postal address or other information which you provide to send newsletters or other communications to which you subscribe, opt-in or otherwise expressly agree to allow.

Donatons are handled by 3rd party companies specializing in data security and online transactions.  We do not collect credit card, debit card or other such information on this site, nor will we ever request such information via email.

This policy will be amended and updated from time to time as necessary.  We will attempt to notify registered users who have provided a valid email address via email of any changes or updates to this policy.

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